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Upgrade your 3rd party LLDP software interface used in Mac devices for emergency location discovery

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The newer versions of Microsoft Teams Desktop clients ( or later versions) will be incompatible with the old versions of the third party LLDP software interface for the Mac Operating Systems.

Who could be affected by this? Users enabled for dynamic emergency services, using Mac OS clients where emergency location discovery is dependent on third party LLDP software.

Who can ignore this change? Organisations which are not using LLDP software on Mac Operating System.

What you need to do if this affects you? Please download the latest version (1.0.13) of LLDP software interface from here and install the new package on your Microsoft Teams for Mac version or later desktop clients. You can install the new LLDP 1.0.13 package over the existing installed LLDP package, no need to remove the old one first.

Do not install the updated LLDP package on Microsoft Teams for Mac desktop clients running versions prior to

How this works? As described by Microsoft in article, this is the installer package for a third party LLDP software package which can be installed on Mac Operating Systems and utilized by Microsoft Teams clients for LLDP emergency location discovery. Installing this software package on Mac Operating Systems where Teams is running will make the connected Ethernet switch/port LLDP information available for consumption by the Teams client which can then be used to dynamically obtain an emergency location for the Ethernet switch/port if configured by the tenant administrator.

For more details and latest updates, please refer to Download LLDP enablement software for Mac Operating Systems used by Microsoft Teams from Official Microsoft Download Center.

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