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Teams progressive web app (PWA) on Linux

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Microsoft Teams on Linux lagged in terms of new feature release such as background effects, gallery view, reactions etc. To better position Microsoft Teams in Linux world, Microsoft recently announced Teams Progressive Web app (PWA) as a new feature of the current web client, which will soon be available in coming months.

Also, we should be hearing soon on retirement of Microsoft Teams desktop client on Linux in near future, which is currently in public preview.

Benefits of PWA compared to Desktop client on Linux

  • PWA enables Microsoft to ship the latest Teams features faster to Linux customers.

  • Helps Microsoft to bridge the gaps that existed between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows faster.

  • PWA experience will be available on both Edge and Chrome browsers on Linux.

  • Teams PWA is an evolution of Linux web experience

  • It offers “best of the web with key functionalities of client”.

  • PWA client is Zero-install and lightweight.

PWA will support features like

  • Background blur and custom backgrounds

  • Reactions and raise hand in meetings

  • Large gallery and together mode

  • System notifications for chat and channel

  • Dock icon with respective controls

  • Application auto-start

  • Easy access to system app permissions

What will happen to Teams Desktop client on Linux?

Microsoft Teams desktop client on Linux will be retired in upcoming months. This client is currently available in public preview. Microsoft will continue to invest their development resources in PWA client.

What will happen to users who are currently using Teams desktop client on Linux?

All users on the Microsoft Teams Linux desktop client will be notified and they will have a transition period of 90 days from the notification date to move to the web or PWA version.

If your users/administrators use the Microsoft Teams Linux desktop client, they either need to set up the Microsoft Teams PWA (when it is generally available) or use the Teams Linux web app to ensure business continuity.

Note: Microsoft will publish a blog post about this change and how to install Teams as a PWA on Edge and Chrome once they are closer to making this feature generally available in coming months.

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