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Microsoft Teams New Feature Updates

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Monthly Newsletter - June 2022

Microsoft Teams is a constantly evolving product in terms of features and enhancements it brings almost every week. This blog post will help you understand some prominent features which are recently announced or recently released during month of June. I will write similar blog every month with new MS Teams features. Please follow for updates.

Quick Summary

Following features are described in details in later sections.

  1. Remove from Call History View.

  2. Teams Client Media Logging to be enabled by default.

  3. Chat filter within MS Teams Chat app.

  4. New Admin app for MS Teams client.

  5. Access Teams devices information from TAC User Page.

  6. Join Teams meetings via Meeting ID and Passcode.

  7. Teams chat with self

  8. Automatic groupings available in Teams for channel posts.

  9. Soft focus and adjust brightness settings in Teams Video Meetings.

Remove from Call History View

Users will now have an ability to remove call logs from MS Teams Calls app. They will be able to do this across the desktop, web, and mobile application of Teams. This new feature will only remove the call history from user view, but back-end logging will still be retained for IT Admins.

Release Time: This feature release expected to be completed by mid-September 2022, for all tenants globally.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Feature ID: 94200

MS Teams Client Media Logging Enabled by Default

Up until recently Teams media logging was turned off by default for all machines. With this update, Media logging will be enabled by default on high-end machines. High-end machines are decided basis on CPU. If your CPU belongs to following category, then media logging will be enabled by default.

  • any Apple M1

  • any Intel Xeon

  • any Intel i9, except for the U, G7, M, and MQ series

  • any 6th generation and later Intel i7, except for the U, G7, M, and MQ series

Media logs contain diagnostic data about audio, video, and screen sharing in Teams meetings. They are required for support cases that are linked to call-related issues. The benefit of this feature is that user will not be asked to reproduce the issue, to capture logs for troubleshooting purpose, since machine will already contain logs from actual time when issue happened.

Release Time: This feature is currently available.

Reference: Use log files in troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

Chat Filter within MS Teams Chat App

Users will now be able to leverage a new chat filter within the Chat app in MS Teams which filters out meeting chats and chats with bots. It will filter for one on one and group chats with other users.

Release Date: The feature is currently available.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Feature ID: 89436

Admin app in Microsoft Teams

The new Admin app in Microsoft Teams is now available to install from the Teams app store. The Admin app offers a central place for viewing settings and performing core management tasks across Microsoft 365 and Teams. The Admin app is designed to make access to Microsoft 365 & Teams settings and controls more convenient. While the app is generally discoverable by all users in the App Store, only users with administrative rights can use the app. You can add and remove users, manage licenses, update settings for teams, meetings, messages and more, directly from Microsoft Teams.

Release Date: The feature is currently available. IT Admins can now add the app in their MS Teams client.

Access Teams devices from User page

Tenant administrators who use the Teams admin center to manage the Teams deployment for their organization will see a new tab under the user details page. The new tab will list all the Teams devices that the user is logged into along with all the device related information.

Path to look into within TAC - Users > Manage Users > Select a user > Teams devices

Admins cannot carry out any operation on the device from this tab, but they can click on a device to navigate to the details page for a particular device. From the device details page, the admins will then be able to find all the relevant information and controls.

This tab will only list the Teams devices as found under the Teams devices section, eg. Teams Rooms on Windows or Android, Surface Hubs, Panels, Phones, Displays, and SIP devices. This list will not include any other type of meeting devices or personal devices like laptops or mobile phones.

Release Date: This feature rollout will start in early-July and finish by mid-July.

Join Meetings by a Meeting ID and Passcode

Users can now join Teams meetings by Meeting ID. All meetings will have a Meeting ID and passcode that is automatically assigned to a Microsoft Teams user and added to the meeting invite under the meeting link. Meeting attendees can join the meeting by entering the Meeting ID. For all meeting attendees, the pre-join, lobby and security will remain the same.

To join a meeting by ID in Outlook, you can find the meeting details section in the meeting invite in Outlook in the details for Meeting ID and Passcode. You can enter this Meeting ID and Passcode on the Teams app or the Website to join the meeting.

To join a meeting by ID in Outlook

To join a meeting by ID on Teams desktop, you will see an option now on top right as in below picture.

To join a meeting by ID from a Web Page -

To join a meeting by ID on mobile for both iOS and Android

Release Date: The complete roll out of this feature for all tenants globally is expected to be completed by July 2022.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 80668

Teams chat with self

Users will now be able to chat with themselves. All the same chat functionality that works for chatting with others will work for the individual chatting with themselves. They will be able to start a chat with themselves by typing their full name in the To: field when creating a new chat.

Release Date: The feature is currently available.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 88066

Automatic groupings available in Teams for channel posts

A new Automatic Grouping is now available in Teams as a suggestion to use in channel posts. Users will be able to use "@Team Owners" in a channel posting and all Team Owners will be notified. This functionality is available in both Desktop (including Web) and Mobile.

Release Date: The feature is currently available in both Desktop(and web) and mobile clients.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 94118

Soft focus and Adjust brightness in Teams video meetings

Soft focus and Adjust brightness are video filters in Teams video meetings. Users will now be able to access and apply both settings, before and during meetings.

Soft focus applies a smoothing effect to appearance, and Adjust brightness enhances the video quality when lighting is poor.

Users in your organization will see these 2 filters in "Device Settings" panel in meeting and "Settings"->"Devices"->"Camera" panel.

Release Date: The feature is currently available.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 65944

This ends the list for the month of June 2022. I will keep posted, for next month updates and features. Happy learning!

Reference: All these features are extracted from Microsoft 365 Roadmap and M365 Message Center.

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